Central lymphadenectomy for thyroid cancer

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The experience of the central performance of lymphadenectomy (TSLA) with primary thyroid cancer in 224 patients. All patients were divided into groups based on preoperative and intraoperative diagnosis of thyroid cancer and the vol- ume of operational benefits. Taking into account the frequency of metastasis to lymph nodes VI level TSLA should be performed in all patients with primary thyroid cancer regardless of the incidence of the primary tumor

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vrach-khirurg vtoroy kategorii otdeleniya endokrinnoy khirurgii Krasnodarskogo munitsipal'nogo lechebno-diagnosticheskogo ob\"edineniya

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kand. med. nauk, vrach-khirurg vysshey kategorii otdeleniya endokrinnoy khirurgii Krasnodarskogo munitsipal'nogo lechebno-diagnosticheskogo ob\"edineniya.


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