Determination of galectin-3 expression in the tissue of follicular thyroid tumors

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The aim of this study was to investigate the usefulness of immunohistochemical expression galectin-3 for differential diagnosis follicular carcinoma and follicular adenoma in a sample of thyroid lesions using a specific antigalectin-3 monoclonal antibody. We evaluated 36 thyroid lesions including 15 follicular carcinomas, 15 follicular adenomas, and in 6 cases there was a combination of follicular carcinomas and follicular adenomas. Galectin-3 expression was detected in 8 of 15 (53.3%) follicular adenomas, 13 of 15 (86.7%) follicular carcinomas and in 6 of6 (100%) combined cases. The sensitivity, specificity, efficiency and diagnostic accuracy of this test method were73.6%, 81.8%, 77.7% and 77%, respectively. Galectin-3 expression determined in 53.3% of adenomas. The average level of the expression in adenoma cells was significantly lower compared with carcinoma. Galectin-3 can’t be used for differential immunohistochemical diagnosis of follicular thyroid tumors because the expression of the marker in cells of follicular carcinoma was only 86.7%. Expression of galectin-3 in the cells of adenomas with a combination of follicular adenoma and follicular cancer was revealed in all cases. In the adenoma tissue mean expression level was significantly lower than in carcinoma. So galectin-3 can’t be used as the sole marker but definition of the expression galectin-3 may be important in the complex diagnosis follicular thyroid tumors and also in combination with other markers. The expression of galectin-3 chance of having a malignant nature of the tumor was significantly higher.

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