Endonasal endoscopic transethmoidal orbital decompression for patients with Graves` desease and endocrine ophthalmopathy

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In this article the question on expansion of indications to endoscopic en-donasal surgeries is surveyed. Experience of surgical treatment of 9 pa-tients with endocrine ophthalmopathy in a stage of medicamental indemni-fication of thyroid gland function and with the expressed clinic of exoph-thalmos is submitted. Operations were carried out by transethmoidal ap-proach, with a resection of medial and inferior orbital walls. The estima-tion of surgical technics, features of postoperative patients managing and results of treatment was carried out). Positive dynamics on retrogress of exophthalmos is marked at 90% of patients, development of a transitional postoperative diplopia in 55% which was kept at 11% of patients. In the postoperative period it is not marked complications. In comparison with external surgical access advantage of endonasal decompressions was shown

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