Diagnostic Value of the First and Second Generation of Thyrotropin Receptor Antibodies in Clinical Practice

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Introduction: The pathogenesis of Graves’ disease consists in production of stimulating antibodies against thyrotropin receptors (rTHS-AB). In the last decades two different assays for detection of rTHS-AB were introduced in clinical practice: I-st (with animal antigen) and Il-nd generation (with human antigen) assays. Design: 44 patient with hyperthyroidism (age 52.0 [34.0; 64.0] years; 42 women) were enrolled in the study. 29 of them have hyperthyroidism due to Graves’ disease (GD), 15 due to multinodular toxic goiter (functional autonomy of the thyroid; FA). rTHS-AB in all the patients were detected by two methods: I-st (Medipan Diagnostica) and II-nd generation (BRAHMS). Results: The sensitivity, specificity and likelihood ratio in the diagnostics of GD of the II-nd generation assay were higher than for the I-st generation assay for detection of rTHS-AB (93.1%, 94% and 15.5 vs. 75.9%, 80% and 3.8. Conclusion: II-nd generation assay (with human antigen) has superior value for the diagnostics of Graves’ disease.

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Kafedra endokrinologii

Kafedra endokrinologii

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Kafedra endokrinologii


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