Association of Polymorphous Markers Ala(-9)Val of SOD2 Gene and C(-262)T of CAT Gene in Patients with Hashimotos’ Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism

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A comparative analysis of distribution of alleles and genotypes of polymorphous markers Ala(-9)Val of SOD2 gene and C(-262)T of CAT gene was performed. Eighty six patients with Hashimotos’ thyroiditis (HT) were enrolled in the study. Significant deferens were found by comparison of alleles and genotypes incidence of polymorphous marker Ala(-9)Val of SOD2 gene in HT-patients and in control group. Significant increase of incidence of Val/Val genotype (OR = 15,6; p = 0.04) in HT-patients may reflect a higher risk of HT in Val/Val individuals. This hypothesis may be confirmed by increase of malonic dialdehyde and antithyroid antibodies in Val/Val carriers.

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