Contemporary State of the Problem of the Iodine Deficiency Elimination in the Belarus Republic

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The results of implementation governmental strategy of the iodine deficiency diseases elimination in the Belarus Republic based on the wide using of iodinated salt is presented. For the control of this program fulfillment more than 1300 children from 6 districts of Republic were examined. Middle Republic level of median of the urine iodine elimination for the period of the program realization has increased in more than 4 times and was equal to 179.2 ug/l and iodine deficiency decreased from 80.9 per cent in 1997 to 14.0 per cent in 2006. Consumption of iodinated salt has increased from 30.0 per cent in 1997 to 93.6 per cent in 2006. As the result the goiter rate in Belarus decreased from 17.2 per cent to 12.8 per cent. These results allow getting conclusion concerning efficiency of the strategy of using the iodinated salt recommended by the UNICEF as universal prophylaxis measure for the iodine deficiency diseases elimination.

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