Androgenic function of the gonads in males with hyperthyroidism

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The aim of the study was to examine the levels of sex hormones in men with hyperthyroidism before and during treatment, and determining the feasibility of testosterone prescribing together with thyrostatic therapy, in men with androgen deficiency. The study involved 37 men with newly diagnosed diffuse toxic goiter and 16 healthy men, aged from 22 to 55 years. The testosterone (test.) fractions (overall and free), SHBG, LH, FSH, estradiol and prolactin were determined. All hormones were measured before treatment and after 3, and then 6 months of thyrostatic ther apy. The overall test. level in men with hyperthyroidism was the same as in healthy subjects. Absolute and relative content of free test. fraction was significantly lower, but the SHBG level was higher than in healthy age relative men. The diagnostics of androgen deficiency syndrome was based on free test. determination. All patients with Diffuse toxic goiter the tiamazol (Merkazolil) was appointed, while treatment with testosterone (Omnadren250) were offered to patients with low of free test. levels, but not all followed the recommendations. The groups were follow: patients without androgen deficiency ( n = 16), patients with androgen deficiency, taking only thyrostatic therapy ( n = 10), patients with androgen deficiency taken thyrostatic therapy simultaneously with testosterone therapy ( n = 11). The decreasing of free test. level was detected in 57% of examined men. In most cases (80%) of that patients the 6 months thyrostatic therapy did not lead to free test. normalization. The free test. level concentration was nor mal only in 2 examined not receiving testosterone men (20%) and in 9 (82%; χ 2 = 5.76; p = 0.017) among those who recieved both: thyrostatic and testosterone therapy. During treatment with Omnadren250 the relative content of free test. was significantly higher at 3 and 6 months of treatment. Using a questionnaire AMS confirmed the dynamics characteristics of androgen deficiency in men with hyperthyroidism during treatment. Thus, the recom mendation of prescribing testosterone simultaneously with the start of thyrostatic therapy are grounded in androgen deficiency men with hyperthyroidism.

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