Comparative analysis of cytological findings and diagnostic categories of independent сytopathologists

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The article is devoted to the relevance of the application of the Bethesda classification system of interpretation of FNA in practice. In this study was investigated 104 cytological specimens of the thyroid gland from patients with var ious diseases of the thyroid gland. Revision of the cytological results was carried out by four highly qualified cytopathologists, working on the basis of three leading medical centers in the Russian Federation. Also, the respons es of each cytopathologist by diagnostic categories Bethesda Classification were compared. Statistical analysis showed that by the revision of the biopsy specimens there were no statistically significant differences between the ini tial cytologic findings and the results of independent cytopathologists. In analyzing the data, it was found that the fundamental error of cytological diagnosis were papillary carcinoma, medullary carcinoma, as well as “follicular neoplasm”. Comparing the results of histological examination with the responses of the cytopathologists was found that the major fault was the definition of papillary carcinoma and “follicular neoplasm”. The results suggest that Bethesda Classification allows to achieve the best results in the interpretation of the results of FNA, which leads to a more elaborate tactics of treatment of the patient.

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