Overview of foreign clinical guidelines for the use of fine-needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules
Petrov V.G., Nelaeva A.A., Molozhavenko E.V., Ivashina E.G.
Thyroid dysfunction following immune reconstitution therapy
Melnichenko G.A., Glibka A.A., Demicheva O.Y.
Possibilities traditional and liquid-based cytology combined with immunocytochemical detection of some molecular markers in the preoperative diagnosis of well-differentiated thyroid cancer
Berjozkina I.S., Saprina T.V., Zima A.P., Isaeva A.V., Latipova V.N., Mukhamedov M.R., Bazilevich L.R., Popov O.S., Kasojan K.T., Brynova O.V., Brazovskaya N.G.
Review of the clinical case of a patient with microcarcinoma of the thyroid gland
Melnichenko G.A., Mokrysheva N.G., Katamadze N.N.
Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Thyroid Nodules: Diagnostic Value, Technical Aspects, Analysis of Results
, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
The role of autophagy in the thyroid tumors development, connection with the AKT/m-TOR signaling pathway activation
Spirina L.V., Chizhevskaya S.Y., Kondakova I.V., Tarasenko N.V.
Interrelation specific autoimmune pathologies of a thyroid gland with inorganic autoimmune rheumatic diseases
, ,
How to assess functional state of thyroid gland, and what should we do in situation when thyroid function tests are inadequate?
Melnichenko G.A., Rybakova A.A.
Thyroid scintigraphy in diagnosis of nodular and diffuse thyroid pathology
Rumyantsev P.O., Degtyarev M.V., Dzeytova D.S., Trukhin A.A., Slashchuk K.Y., Sheremeta M.S., Serzhenko S.S., Yasuchenia V.S., Sirota Y.I.
World thyroidology news
Manuylova J.A., Sviridonova M.A., Shvedova A.E.
Thyroid function in the people with obesity
, , ,
Review of American Thyroid Association guidelines for the diagnosis and management of thyroid disease during pregnancy and the postpartum
Fadeyev V.V.
MicroRNAs – promising molecular markers for detecting cancer in thyroid nodules
Serdyukova O.S., Titov S.E., Malakhina E.S., Rymar O.D.
Structure of a Thyroid Gland Pathologies in a Population of Children and the Teenagers Living in Conditions Endemic Goiter of Northern Territories by Results of Ultrasonic Researches
, ,
Awareness of the population in Russian Federation about iodine deficiency, its effects and methods for prevention of iodine deficiency disorders.
Terekhov P.A., Rybakova A.A., Terekhova M.A., Troshina E.A.
Epidemiological evaluation of iodine deficiencyand thyroid disorders in the megalopolis of western Siberia in 1995–2010
, , , ,
Detection of BRAF Gene Mutation in Preoperative Diagnostic of Thyroid Gland Cancer
, , , , , , , ,
The study of galectin-3, Ki-67, ubiquitin, HMGA-2 by polymerase chain reaction in real time (RT-PCR) in the puncture specimens of nodular goiter
Berjozkina I.S., Saprina T.V., Zima A.P., Isaeva A.V., Latipova V.N., Muhamedov M.R., Bazilevich L.R., Popov O.S., Skuratovskaja D.A., Jurova K.A., Litvinova L.C.
The role of selenium in the pathogenesis of thyroid disease
Troshina E.A., Senyushkina E.S., Terekhova M.A.
Comments to part of the American thyroid association guidelines for the management of thyroid nodules in children
Kiyaev A.V.
Thyroid dysfunction in infertile women
World Thyroidology News (#4 2016)
Manuylova Y.A., Moshenina S.E., Sviridonova M.A.
Прогностическое значение экспрессии натрий-йодного симпортера для высокодифференцированного рака щитовидной железы
Semenov D.Y., Boriskova M.E., Farafonova U.V., Grozov R.V., Pankova P.A., Smolina E.N.
Echocardiographycal Features in Patients with Hypothyroidism of Different Sevirity due to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
, , ,
Оn the need to introduce the TI-RADS classification in Russia
Fisenko E.P., Sencha A.N., Katrich A.N., Sych Y.P., Tsvetkova N.V., Borsukov A.V., Kostromina E.V.
Discussion about European Thyroid Association guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of endogenous subclinical hyperthyroidism
Fadeyev V.V.
Ultrasound Evaluation of Thyroid Gland Volume in Schoolchildren 7-11 years from West Kazakhstan
, , ,
Determination of galectin-3 expression in the tissue of follicular thyroid tumors
, , ,
Two cases synchronous atypical parathyroid adenomas and papillary thyroid carcinoma
Voronkova I.A., Lapshina A.M., Gurevich L.E., Rozhinskaya L.Y., Britvin T.A., Krivosheev A.V., Kim I.V., Kuznetsov S.N., Mokrysheva N.G.
Thyroid disorders in acute period after radiation therapy on neck region
Bobrova E.I., Fadeev V.V., Sotnikov V.M., Pavlova M.G., Sych Y.P.
Thyroid and the Heart
Effects of selenium in patients with Graves’ disease treated with antithyroid drugs
Shabalina E.A., Fadeyev V.V.
Back to the paradigm in the management of nodular goiter: clinical essay
Fadeev V.V.
Hypothyroidism, Subclinical Hypothyroidism, High-normal TSH-level
On the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of thyroid carcinoma after the Chernobyl accident
Jargin S.V.
A rare germline mutation c.2752 A>G (p.M918V) in the RET protooncogene in a patient with medullary and papillary thyroid carcinomas in cervical lymph node metastases: a case report and review of the literature
Amosenko F.A., Khvostovoy V.V., Shchagina O.A., Polyakov A.V.
Ways of Sonoelastography Diagnostic Value Improvement in the Differentiation of Thyroid Nodules
, , , ,
Citokine-induced thyroid disorders
, ,
Encapsulated follicular thyroid tumors of uncertain malignant potential in the new international histological classification
Abrosimov A.Y.
Polymorphism of Gly482Ser PPARGC 1A and Ala203Pro PPARGC 1B in the pathogenesis of Graves’ orbitopathy
Serkin D.M., Serebryakova O.V., Serkin M.A., Serkina M.V., Kharinzeva S.V., Strambovskaya N.N., Prosyanik V.I.
Association of PTPN22 Haplotypes with Hashimotos Thyroiditis in Population of Novosibirsk
, , , , , , , ,
Review of European Thyroid Association guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of thyrotropin-secreting pituitary tumours
Fadeyev V.V.
Comments to guidelines for the treatment of hypothyroidism prepared by the American thyroid association task force on thyroid hormone replacement
Fadeev V.V.
Thyrotropin-producing adenoma: diagnostic challenges (Сase report)
, , , , ,
Through years, across distances…
Gerasimov G.A.
Long-term Results of Papillary Thyroid Cancer Treatment and Comparative Analisis of Various Treatment Strategies
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
The Features of Thyroid Diseases after Bilateral Ovarioectomy in Perimenopausal Women in the Mild Iodine Deficient Region
Surgical tactics optimization for treatment of BRAF positive papillary thyroid cancer
Boriskova M.E., Farafonova U.V., Pankova P.A., Bikov M.A., Ramazanova E.A.
World thyroidology news (#2 2015)
Manuylova Y.A., Sviridonova M.A.
First Experimental Results in Electrochemical Lysis of Thyroid Nodules
, , , ,
Quadrature of the circle
Gerasimov G.A.
Prophylactic thyroidectomy results among RET germline mutation bearers in families with hereditary forms of medullary thyroid cancer
Polyakov V.G., Shishkov R.V., Ilyin A.A., Viktorovna S.N., Ivanova N.V., Pimenov R.I., Kozlova V.M., Amosenko F.A., Lubchenko L.N., Kazubskaya T.P., Pavlovskaya A.I., Bleznukov O.P., Koshechkina N.A., Mikhaylova E.V., Panferova T.R., Matveeva I.I., Serebryakova I.N., Mikhaylova S.N., Medvedev V.S., Isaev P.A., Rumyantsev P.O., Abrosimov A.U., Kalinchenko N.U.
Family History of Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
, , ,
Strategy for elimination of iodine deficiency in Belarus: evaluation of 10 years experience
, , , , , , ,
New opportunities in endocrine ophthalmopathy diagnostics (review)
Taskina E.S., Charinzeva S.V., Charinzev V.V., Serkin D.M.
The role of multikinase inhibitors target therapy in radioiodine-resistant differentiated thyroid cancer
Rumyantsev P.O.
Terminology and classification aspects of the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology
, , ,
Clinical anatomy and features non-recurrent inferior laryngeal nerve in thyroid surgery. Case report
Galushko D.A., Asmaryan H.G., Pasko M.A.
Serum markers for recurrence in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer after combined treatment and the retreatment results
Fomin D.K., Vasilenko E.I., Karalkina M.A.
Combined analysis of BRAF-gene mutation and galectin-3 expression in preoperative diagnostics of thyroid cancer
, , , , , , , , , ,
World thyroidology news (#4 2015)
Manuylova Y.A., Sviridonova M.A., Shvedova A.E.
Central lymphadenectomy for thyroid cancer
, ,
The predictors of “hidden” central neck lymph node metastasis in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer
Solodkiy V.A., Fomin D.K., Galushko D.A., Asmaryan H.G.
Papillary thyroid microcarcinoma
Smirnova V.A., Semkina G.V., Platonova N.M., Vanushko V.E.
Epidemiology and morphology of tumors of the thyroid gland in the Kabardino-Balkaria for the period 1990–2014
Tkhakakhov A.A.
Comments to the European Thyroid Association guidelines for the management of subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy and in children
Fadeyev V.V.
Evaluation of epitopes specificity of antibodies to thyroid peroxidase in autoimmune thyroid disorders
, , , , , , ,
Gabriella Morreale de Escobar (1930-2017)
Gerasimov G.A.
The history of radioiodine therapy beginnings
Rumiantsev P.O., Korenev S.V.
Polymorphism of Pro12Ala and C1431T PPARγin the pathogenesis of Graves' orbitopathy
, , , , ,
Combination of medullary thyroid cancer and renal cell carcinoma in one patient
Dolinskaya Y.A., Shevchenko S.P., Maksimov V.N., Voropaeva E.N., Rymar O.D.
Under Damoclus sword
Gerasimov G.A.
World thyroidology news
Manuylova Y.A., Moshenina S., Amosova M.V.
Russian Association of Endocrinologists clinical practice guidelines for thyrotoxicosis diagnosis and treatment
Troshina E.A., Sviridenko N.Y., Vanushko V.E., Rumyantsev P.O., Fadeyev V.V., Petunina N.A.
Pilot Outcomes of Nodular Goiter Local Treatment by Miniinvasive Electrochemichal Lysis
, , , ,
Assessment of iodine status among school age children and pregnant women of Belarus in 2017–2018
Mokhort T.V., Petrenko S.V., Leushev B.Y., Fedorenko E.V., Kolomiets N.D., Mokhort A.G.
Role of thyroid hormones and iodine consumption in the ontopathogeny of various diseases: focus on interactions with glucocorticoids and some endocrine disruptors
Goudochnikov V.I.
Clinical significance of thyroglobulin autoantibodies enhancement in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer after thyroidectomy and radioiodine therapy
, , , ,
Pilot outcomes of nodular goiter miniinvasive bioimpedance measurement in complex diagnostics
Comparison of some indicators of the thyroid gland functional activity in simultaneous testing of capillary and venous blood
Olkhovik A.Y., Sadovnikov P.S., Vasiliev A.V., Denisov D.G., Emanuel V.L.
The prevalence of thyroid tumors in patients with acromegaly
Viktorovna K.O., Nikolaevna M.N., Yakovlevna R.L.
Fine needle biopsy of thyroid nodules: correlations between cytology and gistology, technical aspects
, , , , , , , , ,
Thyrotropin-producing adenoma. Report of two clinical cases
Karapetyan A.R., Gormolysova E.V., Galushko E.V.
Microchimerism and thyroid disorders: current knowledge and future prospects
Sabanova E.A., Platonova N.M., Mel'nichenko G.A.
Diagnostic value of blood lipids testing in patients with high-normal and subclinical levels of TSH in prevention and treatment of dislipoproteinemia
, , , , , ,
The role of interleukins 17, 23 and antibodies to the thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor in the pathogenesis of endocrine ophthalmopathy
Charinzeva S.V., Taskina E.S.
Sad statistics
Gerasimov G.A.
Nodular goiter (epidemiology and diagnostics)
, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
The significance of some growth factors in the pathogenesis of endocrine ophthalmopathy
Charinzev V.V., Serkin D.M., Serebryakova O.V., Charinzeva S.V.
Percutaneous larynx ultrasonography for evaluation of vocal cords mobility after thyroid and parathyroid operations
Makarin V.A., Uspenskaya A.A., Timofeeva N.I., Sleptsov I.V., Semenov A.A., Chernikov R.A., Chinchuk I.K., Karelina Y.V., Novokshonov K.Y., Fedorov E.A., Malugov Y.N., Rusakov V.F., Davidova M.O., Malkov V.A., Pridvigkina T.S., Valdina E.A., Fedotov Y.N., Bubnov A.N.
BRAF mutation in papillary thyroid microcarcinoma – additional marker of risk stratification
Semyonov D.Y., Boriskova M.E., Zaraisky M.I., Farafonova U.V., Bikov M.A.
The course, diagnosis, and treatment of thyroid tumors in the presence of chronic autoimmune thyroiditis
The role of neuron specific enolase for endocrine ophthalmopathy and the formation of optic neuropathy
Charinzev V.V., Serkin D.M., Serebryakova O.V., Kharintseva S.V., Yanchenko O.M.
Incidence of thyroid pathology in the Ozyorsk population exposed to technogenic radiation exposure in childhood
, , , , , ,
Amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis: state of the art
Lebedeva E.A., Iablonskaia I.A., Bulgakova S.V.
Restaging of differentiated thyroid carcinoma with SPECT/CT after radioiodine therapy
Karalkina M.A., Vasilenko E.I., Fomin D.K., Galushko D.A.
The condition of thyroid gland in patients with chronic renal failure on a long-term hemodialysis
, ,
Association of candidate gene polymorphisms for autoimmune thyroid diseases in patients with familial diffuse toxic goiter and autoimmune thyroiditis
Rymar O.D., Mikitinskaya A.K., Maksivov V.N., Shahmatov S.G., Schepina Y.V., Ryabikov A.N., Mustafina S.V.
Thyroid disorders after radiation therapy in childhood
Bobrova E.I., Fadeyev V.V., Sotnikov V.M., Pavlova M.G., Sych Y.P., Semochkin S.V., Parkhomenko R.A., Mazerkina N.A., Zheludkova O.G.
The use of the protocol of preoperative neck examinationin patients with possible thyroid cancer in an oncologist's practice
, , ,
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